Meniscus Repair

We understand the pain and frustration that comes with a meniscus tear, as well as the necessity to have it treated promptly and professionally. At Curtis Robb, we aim to help you recover as quickly as possible through meniscus repairs and transplants.

Our medical experts can discuss the nature of your injury in full detail, but an overview of meniscus tears and our treatment options are outlined below.

What is a Meniscus tear?

Meniscus tears can occur both inside (medial) and outside (lateral) the knee joint, either gradually as part of a degenerative process, or suddenly as part of a traumatic event. A torn meniscus is often painful and can cause distress as the knee “locks” into a certain position (which is the meniscus being caught between the femur and tibia).

The meniscus functions primarily as a shock absorber and stabiliser for the knee. If it fails to operate correctly, cartilage contract stress increases, which has the potential to lead to bigger problems (like arthritis) later down the line.

Meniscus tears: Our treatment

The stress in the joint goes up considerably if the meniscus is removed therefore we always aim to recover any damaged meniscal tissue, restoring natural function where possible. Our team will stitch the meniscus back in position to allow healing and restore its natural role where this is feasible.

Where it is not possible to repair the meniscus, we will trim the meniscus rather than remove it – as preservation is imperative to prevent the knee from further stress and deterioration.

The consequences of removing the meniscus can have a devastating impact on the knee joint causing arthritis in later life.

Meniscus transplant

In the event that the meniscus is beyond repair, and the knee joint will accept a meniscus, our team will seek to perform a meniscus transplant, provided a suitable donor can be located. Our treatment plan includes measuring the knee to obtain the correct size meniscus for a precise fit.

We understand this can be a daunting experience, but our team will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions you may have. We have the skills and experience to perform the transplant confidently and effectively, stitching the new meniscus into place.

Following surgery, you will be required to wear a brace to facilitate the incorporation of the donor meniscus into the knee – and we will offer plenty of support during this time to aid fast recovery.

If you have any more questions about meniscus treatment, don’t hesitate to contact our team today on 01925 215 047 or We’d be delighted to answer your queries you may have.